Cookies for Caretakers

Calling All Bakers!

Hello friends!

It is a tumultuous time indeed. And due to the COVID-19 pandemic we will not be having our annual cookie walk. But if the thought of not being able to bake dozens and dozens of cookies makes you sad, don’t worry! My friend Margaret is a nurse at the University of Minnesota Medical Center. She shared with my group of friends how difficult this pandemic is right now for her and her colleagues. When I reached out to her supervisor Caprice to ask her if we can help, she said:

“It is so wonderful to think and actually act on recognizing the nurses and how they are choosing courage instead of comfort to care for COVID-19 patients. I have been so impressed with how these professionals are handling the call to action. I am not saying there is not fear, anger, depression/sadness, but they are coming to work and caring for patient not only physically but emotionally. They are also caring for each other and the trials they are each facing.”

– Caprice

Friends, these individuals are facing the reality of death in a way that many of us never will. And it isn’t often that call to action involves baked sweets, but we have an opportunity to help encourage those that are living out Christ’s message of healing through cookies, fudge, and thank you notes. My goal is to get over 1,000 cookies baked for the 500+ employees of UMMC. If we work together, I know we can make that happen. To make sure we do this safely, Caprice said these guidelines will help us make sure we don’t spread our germs into the hospital:

  • Bag 2-3 cookies together in a baggy – a snack sized baggy would be perfect!
  • Bag each cookie type with a list of ingredients – this will help keep things organized as well as make sure people with allergies don’t have a bad reaction. There only needs to be one list of ingredients per cookie type.
  • Wear a mask and gloves when bagging cookies – the oven would prevent any germs from making it into the cookies during baking, but after they come out the oven a mask and gloves would be an appreciated precaution.

If you need any supplies, baggies, or ideas for a thank you note; please reach out! Francine and I are willing to help you meet these guidelines! Just call us, send us a message, a smoke signal–whatever works! We will be collecting cookies at the church on December 14th and December 15th. I will be delivering them to the hospital on Wednesday, December 16th with enough to last two days. Thank you for taking the time to care for those in need around you, together we will make a huge difference this Advent season!

Pastor David Hodd

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